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Our Favorite Moments from 2022

Did you attend a High-minded Event this year? If you did, then you were a part of the magic HME created in 2022. A year filled with innovative ideas and incredible partnerships. Working with some of the cannabis industries biggest names proved to be the challenge we anticipated. HME is extremely grateful to all of our dedicated Budtenders, who made our events the experiences they were.

Take a stroll down memory lane as we revisit some highlights from 2022. Please let us know if you attended any of these events and what you thought about the experience. HME puts the guest experience at the forefront of all designs, pushing the boundaries of how sophisticated the cannabis experience can be.

Starting the Year Launching Cannabis Brands

Product activations and launch parties is a staple for HME, so when we got a call from Cresco Labs that they wanted to throw a launch party for their new line Floracal Farms, we knew only High-minded Events could put it together. It was a beautiful event, served by our experienced budtenders. HME pride itself on personalized events, developing ideas tailored directly to your products.

At our launch parties, guests enjoy products directly on tap from HME. From flower to concentrates, we cater to your guests. Pairing high quality product to high quality equipment. HME is expanding its equipment selection in 2023, staying afloat of today's most popular glass and smoking devices.

The 420 Experience at Eden Restaurant

Cannabist Dispensary and Nature’s Care Products partnered with Chefs Devin Quinn and Miles Shaefer, with the help of High-minded Events to put together a complete “420 Experience” at Eden Restaurant. Guests enjoyed a beautiful venue, delicious gourmet meal, and premium cannabis products during this magical and elevated event.

Partnering with private Chef's and catering companies, HME offers an upscale, fine dining experience. Complete with handcrafted mocktails and infused gourmet dinner. Dazzle and delight your guests with the High-minded Experience.

HME takes over Wedding Season!

Wedding season comes around every year, and every year High-minded Events is so happy to make couples dream come true. HME are the premier choice for incorporating cannabis in your wedding. Opting for consumptions methods that are sophisticated, providing elevated and upscale ways for your guests to consume responsibly. Cannabis consuming brides trust High-minded Events to bring their elevated wedding dreams to life.

From personalized cannabis bars, to custom table settings that feature a personalized pre-roll, our consultants always come up with new and exciting ways to welcome consumption. Delight your wedding guests when you book High-minded Events, the premium choice for elevated events.

Higher Love Event : Inclusive Cannabis Consumption

HME was so proud to orchestrate Higher Love! A Cannabis consumption event right outside of Chicago, featuring some of the biggest brands in the state. Under beautiful weather, our guests were abl