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The End of the Speakeasy: A New Wave of Cannabis Events

2021 has been a really fun year for High-minded Events. We have been able to curate some big cannabis friendly productions and work with some big names in the industry. Learning and growing as we produce these full scale experiences. From our Higher Love event to most recently Fall Impact, we work hard to not only provide a safe and accepting space, but also to reinvent the feel of cannabis events. Choosing to shed the veil of secrecy and instead embrace a culture that accepts open consumption.

The Purpose and Origin of the Speakeasy

Many states without cannabis legislation relied on a speakeasy concept for cannabis related events. A speakeasy was an underground establishment that served liquor during the prohibition era. They were on a need to know basis, and often would serve alcohol in coffee cups. Popularized in many mafia and gangster movies, you can imagine why they would be popular.

Chicago is known for its many remaining speakeasy’s. Leftovers from a time when Jazz music reigned supreme and gangsters openly operated bars and clubs. And while it sounds like such a foreign concept, we saw a resurgence in their popularity, this time with a completely different industry.

Cannabis Events Using The Speakeasy Concept

Many have compared the criminalization of cannabis to the prohibition of alcohol. Even in Illinois, where cannabis is legal recreationally, there is only 1 legal consumption lounge. The demand is almost palpable, a need for venues where cannabis could be openly enjoyed. This should not be a hurdle that we have to deal with in a legalized state.

Still, we are far from the days when cannabis was shunned. Gone are the days when we couldn’t tell anyone about using cannabis, or having to hide away in a corner or an alley. We at High-minded Events are dedicated to curating cannabis events that smash the speakeasy model. We are helping our guests consume in a way that is safe and that abides by all state and local regulations. Without the need to hide.

How Can We Curate Cannabis Events that Abide by Local Laws?

We are used to learning about and overcoming unclear laws. We are highly educated in consumption laws in various states and do our research before planning and executing an event. Speed bumps that might be non-existent in some states, are issues we face in others. Still, we know that orchestrating a cannabis event is delicate and we have a proven track record of successful industry events.

The issue with Open Consumption in Illinois

Illinois laws in regards to open consumption are still unclear. We know that consumption is allowed in private residences and at establishments with consumption licenses.

That gives High-minded Events much creative freedom when it comes to curating your personal events. We can design events that happen in your home, backyard, or work space. Either by consulting you or even by designing your personalized Cannabis Bar. All abiding by local and federal consumption laws.

Ways We Can Openly Consume in Illinois

When it comes to your private event in Illinois, so long as you are the owner of the space, you have the freedom to consume as you please. High-minded Events even offers Equipment Rental services so that you can consume with some of today’s top of the line vaping machines.

For those looking for something more unique, we can help you create a personalized Cannabis Bar. Including pre-rolls, and vaping, all tailored for you and your guests. We have mastered the art of sophisticated cannabis events, and we can create a similar experience for you and your guests.

Make sure to visit our Gallery to view some of the events we have put together here in Illinois.

The New Wave

Cannabis events do not have to be this illicit, secretive thing. Now that it is legal recreationally, we are seeing so many old and new consumers embracing their relationship with cannabis. High-minded Events works hard to shatter the stigma, bringing these events out of hiding and into the spotlight.

We present cannabis in a sophisticated and educational light. Welcoming newcomers and seasoned smokers alike to openly consume and discuss cannabis. We are proud of the events we have curated here in Chicago, in the homes of our clients, and for the companies who want us to represent their brands. There is truly a High-minded Difference, experience it at your next cannabis event.

The Importance of Hiring Educated Bartenders

Hiring and supporting the growth of budtenders is vital in our industry. Those who come face to face with the plant and who are able to properly suggest and guide your clients and guests. You will quickly feel the difference when you are attended by any one of our educated budtenders. An important part of our company and one that helps in normalizing cannabis to our guests.

Read more about What is a Budtender, and why you need one at your event.

High-minded Events is a Premier Cannabis Event Organizer

It is a new age for cannabis consumption, and we are happy to welcome in new trends and even help create some. It is vital that we move past this secretive mindset and cultivate a community that accepts open consumption. We are past the prohibition era, and our events should demonstrate just how far we’ve come along. Instead of cultivating a rut that we were stuck in for so long.

We are changing the way many look at cannabis events. If you need help curating your next cannabis experience, it is a great idea to book a call. It doesn’t matter the size or scale, we can help you put together an event that is personalized for you and your guests.

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