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Fall Impact 2022 : The Highlights

It was on a cool and mild evening in Chicago that we were joined by members of some of Illinois biggest cannabis brands for a night of drinks, infused foods, and important discussions. Featuring a curated menu and complimentary cannabis selection, we hope all of our guests were able to enjoy themselves throughout the night. We are always happy to provide an environment that is welcoming and educational.

Handpicked Experience for a Night of Cannabis Conversations

Stepping into a venue was a very Chicago experience. From the old style bar to the white marble, it was an intimate affair. High-minded Events has really fine tuned what hosting cannabis events in Chicago looks like. Hosting big names in the cannabis industry calls for a cannabis experience that is fun but compliant.

Many were immediately delighted by the old style bar and drink area. White marble and dark wood really accentuated this Chicago feel. Our bartenders served Top Shelf favorites while everyone in attendance openly and happily indulged.

Drinks at a Cannabis Event? Only in Moderation!

We are always ones to advise against drinking and consuming cannabis, especially as a newer consumer. Those in attendance at Fall Impact ranged from seasoned consumers, to those who didn’t partake at all. Because of this mix, we opted for a full service bar that could satisfy all of the guests in attendance.

Food that is Infused with Cannabis and Flavor!

The star of the night was undoubtedly the food! Guests enjoyed infused gourmet bites with approximately 5 mg of cannabis from Flame Princess Confections. Her bacon wrapped dates were absolutely delicious! Our guests also munched on delicate Squash crostinis that were addicting and delicate in the best ways. All the food was prepared in delicious bite sized portions.

Infused Drinks for those Looking for Non Alcoholic Options

As with any infused Dinner Party, the beverages were absolutely present! Featuring an infused Latte that many sipped over. Our bartenders are always communicating with guests to find the best recommended dosage. In fact, High-minded staff is who you should look to for questions and concerns. They will walk you through having a pleasant experience.

Guests were able to choose from two infused drinks. The Pumpkin High Latte was the perfect picker up. Sweet but not overpowering and reminiscent of everyone's favorite pumpkin spiced drink. The Fall Sensation drink was an ode to our favorite holiday punches. Filled with the enchanting aromas of rosemary and orange.

High-minded Events know that a good party has everything! Good food, good drinks, good cannabis. That’s the High-minded mission, and together with our staff, we are proud to put on amazing events for all of your guests.

Consuming Cannabis in a Greenery Laced Terrace

We had a full service cannabis bar where our trained budtenders filled cones with our guests' flower of choice. Flower from the sponsors was sampled on a beautiful terrace that was covered in greenery and smelled like green. It was a lovely area, setup and equipped with bar tables and ash trays. Matter. Products provided lighters so that no one would have to struggle with finding one.

But of course, we could not write about the event without speaking about the cannabis consumed. Thank you to all the sponsors and those who provided their cannabis including Cresco Labs and Nuera Cannabis. Some of the favorite strains on hand were:

Candied Lemons by Matter.

A tangy strain that was perfect for the party, Candied lemons has a tangy taste followed by a sweet and pungent after taste. Apart from that, the high is almost immediate and uplifting. Even the smoke exhaled had a tangy smell that filled the terrace. I spoke to a few people in attendance, and noticed a large majority had opted for this strain. Definitely one of the best picks of the night.