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How To Host a Cannabis-Infused Summer Party

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Summer is nearly here and while many large-scale events are still on hold, smaller outdoor affairs or private parties are perfect for outdoor entertaining! So whether you are throwing a backyard BBQ, a tropical cookout, or hosting an adults-only party while the kids are away at camp, keep reading for our five tips when incorporating cannabis into your summer parties.

Safety First

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we wanted to quickly touch on safety measures. In 2021, it’s important to consider whether your guests are vaccinated and whether or if you are encouraging masks before sending out any invitations. If your event is outdoors, will the mask rule be relaxed? Or do you want guests to take personal responsibility? These are all things to think about!

Consider your Guest List

Communication is key when creating your guest list for an event that includes any kind of consumption! Remember, your guests will enjoy marijuana just as they would alcohol. So ask yourself, do you want to invite families or kids? If not, it’s important to specify from the beginning that this is an adults-only party.

In addition, consider the comfort levels of the guests when serving marijuana at your event. Set clear communication on how and where it will be included from the start so that none of your guests show up surprised or uncomfortable.

Don’t Forget Decor

Decor says it all when hosting your summer dinner party! Start by cleaning up your gardens and prepping your plant spots to create a relaxed vibe in an outdoor space. If you’re looking to elevate your summer event, consider adding linens, florals, menu cards, and overall presentation. Hiring an event designer can help you create the perfect atmosphere for legal cannabis consumption.

Wow with a Cannabis Bar

Try spicing up your summer event with a cannabis bar! One way to do this is a bar with cannabis-infused mocktails. At High-minded Events, each of our bar rentals are staffed with responsible certified cannabis educators to answer any guest questions!

You can also have a classic smoke bar with rolled joints, vapes, etc. for guests to enjoy. Our bars come in different sizes to fit in a variety of living spaces that can accommodate your home or venue. Consider setting up your bar outside, if you're looking to avoid odors or indoor smoking!

Infuse Your Summer Cookout Food

Elevate your summer soiree by infusing your foods with cannabis. We recommend micro dosages for each course and trending the dosage down as the meal progress. Making a salad dressing with cannabis or using infused butter in your appetizers are two easy ways to use cannabis in your cooking! If a lot of your guests are new to cannabis consumption, incorporating CBD into your recipes and cocktails helps counter any negative or anxious reactions and helps set the tone for a relaxed, comfortable environment to explore all that cannabis has to offer. Plus, with High-minded events, you have certified cannabis educators walking you through each step of the process to assist with responsible dosages and meal planning.

Party Games & Entertainment

Don’t forget to take advantage of the entire yard during your outdoor dinner party or summer soiree! Include fun games and activities like corn hole or a giant game of connect four or Jenga! You can even heat up some friendly competition with cannabis-infused goody bags or gifts as prizes. Ultimately, the goal of your event is to relax and let your guests enjoy themselves.

If you’re looking for a unique, fun, and safe way to incorporate cannabis into your next party or event, contact us here. From infused cooking, cannabis-inspired mocktails, and effortless decor, you’re guaranteed to party all season long!

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